« Réussir sur le marché chinois : 100 dirigeants révèlent les secrets du casse-tête chinois »  (‘‘Succeeding in the Chinese Market: 100 Business Leaders Reveal the Secrets of the Chinese Puzzle’’)

Chunyan LI, Eyrolles, Dec. 2014

Foreword by WU Jianmin, former Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman and former Ambassador of China to France; Preface by Henri Giscard d’Estaing, CEO of Club Méditerranée.

Réussir sur le marché chinois_couverture_finale

China is about to become a new consumer Eldorado. It’ no more the world’s factory! This evolution presents an excellent opportunity for French economy which only has a limited presence in the Middle Kingdom today (only 1.2% market share in 2013). Succeeding in the Chinese market has thus become a strategic stake, even there’re still many obstacles, especially a poor understanding of the issues related to China, and few real keys to success there.

This book, the first of its kind written in French by a Chinese woman, presents the secrets of success in China from a Franco-Chinese point of view, based on in-depth analysis and the testimony of one hundred leaders and entrepreneurs – mainly French and Chinese – who’ve acquired irreplaceable field experience and a good knowledge of both worlds.

Three points differentiate it: combining two angles – Western and Chinese – favoring a pragmatic approach and analyzing in depth the influence of culture on business. As a reference book and a practical guide, this book is intended for all Francophones who want to settle down in China, do business in China or with China.

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