FEIDA Consulting helps large companies and Small and medium-sized enterprises in their development between France or Europe and China.

I. Consultancy Pole

Consulting projects: We mainly cover four sectors: cosmetics & luxury industry, consumer goods, tourism & leisure and telecommunications.

1. Definition and implementation of  « Go-to-market » strategy

  • Market Research: trends and perspectives, customer needs and segmentation, benchmarking, distribution channels, legal environment
  • Feasibility Analysis and Business Plan: barriers to entry, strength and weakness, return on investment and risk assessment
  • Definition & implementation of Market entry strategy: differentiation, brand development, distribution channels, government relations, associated action plan,…
  • Definition and implementation of Marketing & communication strategy, including on the Internet and social networks

2. Assistance in building partnerships or business relationships 

  • Screening and assessment of potential partners (joint venture partners, distributors or business partners): synergy, cultural proximity, operational consistency, images and performance of potential partners
  • Connecting with selected partners
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Acceleration of convergence and anticipation of conflicts
  • Building business relationships
  • Organization of high-level business conferences or events

3. Support for Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Search for investors or acquisition targets for M&A projects between China and France (or Europe)
  • Connecting with companies and assistance in negotiations
  • Accompaniment for M&A projects: project management, due diligence studies, definition of corporate strategy, government relations, management of the company after the investment or acquisition, etc. .

We use a well-structured methodology for each type of consulting project: 

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II. Training & Coaching Pole

Training & Coaching : We help our clients of different sectors to enhance the effectiveness of their management and collaboration in an intercultural environment, especially between China and France or Europe; as well as to improve their knowledge of the Chinese or French / European market

2/1. Standard modules – Training for the French / Westerners *

Training for the French or Westerners_2017 05 v1

  • Intercultural training

    • Module 1: Understanding the fundamentals of Chinese culture and its impact on the business (2-4h)
    • Module 2: Collaborating effectively with the Chinese (1 day)
    • Module 3: Preparing for expatriation to China (2 days) including : 
      • Collaborating effectively with the Chinese
      • Integration into Chinese society


Why is it hard for Chinese people to say “No”? (in French)

  • Training for succeeding on the Chinese market

    • Module 4: Succeeding on the Chinese market (2-4h):  
      • Evolution, opportunities & challenges
      • Lessons learned from other Western & Chinese companies
      • Keys to success in China
    • Module 5: Succeeding on the Chinese digital market (1/2 – 1 day) :
      • Global view on the Chinese digital market
      • Keys to success in digital marketing and / or e-commerce in China
    • Module 6: Succeeding on the Chinese digital market as a luxury brand (1/2 – 1 day):
      • Global view on the digital market in China
      • Keys to success in Digital Marketing in China as a luxury brand
      • Should a luxury brand use an e-commerce platform in China?

(* Note: these standard modules can be further adjusted to the Client’s specific needs)

2/2. Standard modules – Training for the Chinese *

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  • Intercultural training

    • Module 7 Collaborating effectively with the French or Westerners, plus French culture & Living in France (optional) (1-2 days)
  • Training for succeeding on the French or European market

    • Module 8 : Succeeding on the French or European market (1/2 – 1 day)
      • Evolution, opportunities & challenges, and keys to success on the French or European market
      • Lessons learned from the Cross-border M&A operations of Chinese companies abroad, and keys to success

(* Note: these standard modules can be further adjusted to the Client’s specific needs)

2/3. Tailor-made training and Coaching for the Westerners or Chinese

  • Training or Coaching program specially designed to accompany the Client in an intercultural context, between China and France (or the West), according to its needs and specific expectations


For more information, please contact us directly:, or 0033 (1) 80 50 37 11. 

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